Chairside – Unwanted guests in your waterlines?

In this edition of Chairside, we have included articles focusing on products to deliver benefits to you and your practice. We also feature dental surgeries that have invested in their wellbeing and how these decisions are benefiting them in their day to day activities. ChairSide Publication Q1 2022 – ADEC (

Waterline maintenance : Why does it matter?

Patients trust that the water you are using in their oral cavity is of the highest quality. Unfortunately that may not be true. Unless you take steps specifically designed to prevent and eliminate microorganisms in your dental unit waterlines, there is little reason to believe that any dental unit can avoid bacteria colonization. Learn MoreContinue reading “Waterline maintenance : Why does it matter?”

New dental unit biofilm testing solution

With the heightened focus on infection control within the dental practice, A-dec has introduced a useful new product to test the microbiological quality of dental unit water lines and surfaces accurately and easily in dental clinics. The 2-Min Water Control System rapidly and accurately determines the presence of biofilm in dental unit waterlines in justContinue reading “New dental unit biofilm testing solution”

Monitor your Dental Unit Water

Waterline maintenance is an important part of a surgery’s infection control daily regime. The Maintain | Monitor |Shock approach is an effective and practical method for ongoing self-contained waterline care. A-dec now has a new chairside solution for quantification of total flora in dental unit waterlines that is rapid, reliable, easy to use and economicalContinue reading “Monitor your Dental Unit Water”

Control Aerosols; Control Risk

With a renewed focus on dental office aerosols, A-dec is here to support you with proactive solutions so you can stay safe and continue using the tools you trust. Management of aerosols is an important part of day-to-day infection control – and has become even more front of mind during the current COVID-19 pandemic. AerosolContinue reading “Control Aerosols; Control Risk”