When was the Last Time You Replaced Your Water Bottle?

Water bottles are an integral part of the delivery system. It’s also a piece of equipment that’s susceptible to breaking down. Like other plastics, water bottles deteriorate over time due to factors such as heat, UV light, and chemicals. Daily exposure to these harsh conditions affects both the bottle’s integrity and lifespan, leading to discoloration, leakage, offensive odors and even foul-tasting bacteria. Routinely replacing water bottles is a vital protocol for your practice.

That said, with the many demands for your time, it’s not always easy to stay on top of the cleaning and maintenance needs of the dental equipment your practice uses day in and day out. The recommendation for replacing A-dec water bottles is every five years, and with newly added expiration dates clearly marked on the bottom of each bottle, it’s easy to see when you’re due for a replacement.

If it’s time, contact your A-dec Territory Manager or A-dec dealer here to learn more.

Clean and simple.

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